Provider Information

  • If you are a provider, please download the New Patient Fax Referral Form below.
  • If a patient´s insurance company requires a referral from his or her primary care physician to see one of our specialists, it is the patient´s responsibility to provide our clinic with all required referral documentation. Please note that patients must have this referral information for their initial appointment to be seen.
  • Contact our patient coordinator at You can also call and request extension x120.

Physician Referrals
& New Patient

Call For Appointments
770-506-1800 x120

Workers’ Compensation Coordinator

Contact if party to a Workers' Comp Claim
770-506-1800 x 120

Personal Injury

Contact if party to a personal injury claim
770-506-1800 x107

Independent Medical Evaluations

  • IMEs are examinations performed by a physician who is not involved in the person’s care, for the purpose of clarifying medical and job issues.